Cleaning Stainless Steel

Cleaning Stainless Steel

Modern day home appliances look more streamlined and attractive than ever before.  While home appliances once had an extremely particular and practical look, they are now more and more fashionable looking.  Instead of being made from plastic material or colored steel, it's increasingly common to see kitchen appliances with a stainless steel finish.

Stainless steel appears to be smooth and chic.  From bigger home appliances such as the oven or refrigerator right down to coffee brewers and toasters, getting your home appliances in a matching stainless steel finish just looks good.  Obviously there are other useful uses for stainless steel throughout the house, as well.  Like anything else, the stainless steel has to be cleaned on a regular basis.  What is the best way is the question?

The secret about washing stainless steel is that you simply should not use any hard chemical substances or do excessive heavy scrubbing.  The metal may become discolored or get damaged if not properly treated, so how do you make those challenging stains go away?

You should buy distinctive cleansers which are designed to clean stainless steel.  They include chemicals that work well for this kind of stainless steel cleansing but don't trigger stains or produce other issues.  In case you are cautious about chemical cleaners you might like to consider organic techniques and ingredients for cleaning stainless steel.

Kitchen Sinks and Basins

To clean stainless steel sinks you should use 100 % natural ingredients including vinegar.  Basically dampen a cloth with vinegar and wash all the way down the sink.  You may also try out soaking a lime or lemon cut in two in some baking soda and scrubbing in a circular action to completely clean.  Then rinse off well and dry.

Home Appliances

Getting the stainless steel appliance clean can be challenging.  Finger prints might be tough to eliminate and even after you thoroughly clean it is possible to see blotches on the appliance.  Because of this it may be beneficial to adopt a two step method of cleaning.  First clean the surface.  Use a glass or gentle surface area cleaner to wipe out all of the unsightly stains.  Next get a good stainless steel polish and apply it equally over the surface area.  Make sure to use a soft, fresh cloth that hasn't been used on other surfaces, that might have acquired coarse ingredients that can scuff your stainless steel.


Cleaning brass can certainly be tough.  One option would be to combine white vinegar and sea salt or baking soda and wipe it on the brass or soak it.  After some time goes by, rinse it well and wipe it clean and you ought to have your perfect attractive brass back to normal.  Cleaning metal can often be difficult due to the nature of the material.  Following the tips above can guide you to get those stainless steel household items clean and looking fantastic.  Keeping them that way helps keep them an attractive addition to your house for several years to come.

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